Each specialized group reaches a variety of markets with a comprehensive range of products and services that fulfill the needs of both our customers and suppliers. Quadra has the experience and the expertise to solve every supply-chain or channel-to-market challenge.

Oil & Gas / Energy

Quadra's Energy Group supplies a wide range of products and tech services to refineries, gas processing plants, and petrochemical plants.  We service upstream, midstream and downstream markets with a broad portfolio of high quality chemical products from reputable manufacturers, helping to optimize your processes and boost productivity.

Technical Services

Quadra's Technical Support Group is a unique team of engineers, metallurgists and commercial professionals who provide technical service and support in these highly specialized market segments, such as process optimization, plant troubleshooting, process efficiency audits, training, and chemical analysis and interpretation


We’re experienced in all aspects of mining challenges – gold, uranium & mineral processing, leaching, extracting, and whatever else you are challenged with. We offer an extensive range of mining and mineral processing reagents, processing aids, and technical support. We can help to optimize your process, troubleshoot your plant, perform laboratory bench scale evaluations, assist in plant trials and provide operator training.