Oil & Gas / Energy

Quadra's Energy Group supplies a wide range of products and tech services to refineries, gas processing plants, and petrochemical plants.  We service upstream, midstream and downstream markets with a broad portfolio of high quality chemical products from reputable manufacturers, helping to optimize your processes and boost productivity.

energy: natural gas, oil, refining and petrochemicals

Quadra’s Energy Group offers a full line of products and services used in the gas processing and oil refining industries. Core products include amine solvents, process glycols, heat transfer and stationary engine coolants, solid desiccants, catalysts, fuel additives and others. Quadra helps producers by providing cost-effective product solutions to control corrosion, reduce downtime, boost productivity, and optimize system processes and performance.

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Market Segments

Quadra’s Energy Team services the following market segments:

  • Midstream facilities 
  • Downstream refineries and petrochemical plants


Midstream and Downstream Commodity & Specialty Chemicals:

  • Specialty amines for gas treating 
  • Adsorbents and catalysts for purification processes
  • Molecular sieves
  • Silica gels
  • Activated carbon 
  • Caustic Soda
  • Sulfolane
  • Support bed media
  • Antifoams, coolants, heat transfer fluids, glycols, H2S scavengers, and other chemicals

Subindustries / Market Segments

Midstream Chemicals for Natural Gas

Quadra prides itself as a leader in supply of petrochemical commodities and associated technical services to the natural gas industry. The products include amines, glycols, molecular sieve and activated alumina.

Petrochemical Processes

Quadra provides may of our petrochemical customers with a mix of specialty and commodity products to support their process requirements.


Quadra offers a wide variety of technical and commodity products to support our refining customers. These include amines, mole sieve, activated alumina, fuel additives and many others.