Quadra aims to achieve the highest possible standards of sustainability through our operational activities and outreach to the broader community.
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“Quadra is committed to the promotion of the principles of sustainable chemistry.”

Quadra aims to achieve the highest possible standards of sustainability through our operational activities and outreach to the broader community. To reach this objective, Quadra will continue to assess and improve the environmental impact of our operations, as well as our supply chain, social and employment practices. Quadra will maintain a Sustainability Task Force to address these matters.


Quadra strives to reduce the operational environmental footprint using the following measures:

  • Continuous compliance with all applicable environmental regulations
  • Reducing energy consumption by increasing efficiency of energy use
  • Lowering waste generation by introducing recycling and waste reduction initiatives
  • Decreasing greenhouse gas footprint through different carbon reduction initiatives
  • Continuing to improve on green purchasing practices

Responsible Procurement Practices

Quadra will continue to develop a more sustainable supply chain through the following actions:

  • Updating and expanding Green Products and Better Choice Lists to promote sustainable chemistry
  • Assessment and ranking of carriers based on established sustainability criteria; choosing greener carriers whenever possible
  • Making sustainability programs an important part of our supplier assessment


For each sector we service, we seek out the most relevant greener and sustainable product mix to respond to emerging trends, market demand, and industry best practices. We continuously expand our expertise in green chemistry through partnership with academics and researchers, as well as involvement in industry specific sustainability committees.


Quadra will continue to be involved with community and industry organizations and charitable projects. This involvement may include, but is not limited to:

  • Ongoing support for charitable organizations
  • Maintaining an active and participatory role in Responsible Distribution Canada (formerly CACD), following the principles of Responsible Distribution®
  • Building strong relationships with other individuals, organizations and communities that share our values

Employment Practices

Fully engaged employees are very important to implementation of sustainability initiatives. Quadra will continue to create an atmosphere conducive to an open dialogue about environment, health and safety using the below means:

  • Regular publication of company sustainability newsletter and/or blog
  • Recognition of use of sustainable means of transportation, such as cycling, public transit, carpooling, etc.
  • Reimbursing employees enrolled in fitness and weight management programs through the Wellness Plan