Technical Support & Services

Quadra's Mining Technical Support Group is a unique team of engineers, metallurgists, and commercial professionals who provide technical services and support in these highly specialized market segments, such as process optimization, plant troubleshooting, process efficiency audits, training and chemical analysis and interpretation.

By partnering with Quadra Chemicals, you are gaining access to a large inventory of technical support professional available to support you and your team in achieving your production goals safely, every day.

With its high value product and effective solutions, Quadra plays an important role in finding answers to your challenges. Quadra’s multi-level approach provide you access to a team of dedicated technical representatives each with significative on-hand experience in their respective field. They are supported by our internal team of product managers and product specialists who can provide support on the array of products under their management. With Quadra’s long-term, dedicated and direct association with reputable reagent manufacturers worldwide, you are gaining access to technical team know-how and experience. Quadra has years of experience working in collaboration with engineering firms and third-party laboratories find better reagents selection and practical application solutions.

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Mining TECHNICAL Services:

Here are some of the many ways Quadra can support you and your organization:

Mining Engineers in a plant with safety gear
  • Knowledge sharing; theoretical and practical training
  • Product selection
  • Lab testing and reagent evaluation (i.e. settling test, activated carbon adsorption…)
  • Detailed technical report
  • Plant trial support and assistance
  • Demonstrate value creation
  • On-site technical support and training
  • Process optimization and troubleshooting
  • Activated carbon circuit evaluation
  • Hydrodynamic frother audits
  • Custom tailored blend frothers
  • Chemical handling seminar
  • Supply & inventory management

TEChnical Support

With our vast array of suppliers/manufacturer partners, Quadra can help you find the optimal reagent to match your orebody specific mineralogy and support your production needs while meeting your safety and environmental objectives.

This process usually begins with a customer request looking for potential ideas on how to improve processing results (recovery, cost…) or how to best deal with a new mineralogical portion of their orebodies. Following discussions to fully comprehend the client objectives, one of multiple products can be selected for small scale testing. Depending on the reagent and processes involved, this can be done by having one of technical representative visit and work in the onsite laboratory facility, or through our associated manufacturer or third-party laboratories.

Following completion of the test work, a recommendation will be made including pros and cons as well as economical and logistical implications of the different reagents. In most cases, this will be followed by a plant trial, which based on client requirements, can include multiple reagents as well as on/off testing period. Quadra team will gladly support the plant trial with setup guidelines, testwork design, plant visits and remote support during the trial period.

As part of the plant trial or when getting ready for the introduction of a new reagent on site, Quadra’s team is available to work with the plant team to put in place a chemical handling seminar to review the safety aspects of the reagents being considered.

QUADRA – A Trusted Partner for our Mining Customers

At all stages of this process, virtual meetings using a variety of platforms, are encouraged to promote communications and collaboration between all the parties involved.

We also support our clients currently using our products with a variety of available circuit evaluation tools. From flocculation reagent preparation & distribution and the activated carbon circuit adsorption & desorption circuit as well as hydrodynamic frother audits, our experience team is available to realize a review of your current operation and make recommendations to improve the safety, economics and optimal results of you operation.

We also understand that due to the remote nature of the mining industry, security of supply is of the outmost importance. Leveraging our state-of-the-art facilities and rail terminals located across Canada, we hold inventory for your critical reagent needs as well as offer custom blending and custom packaging solutions which can meet your specific requirements.

These services are available to you simply by contacting your regional Quadra representative.

Mining Success Stories

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